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National Quality Center (NQC)
90 Church Street
New York, NY 10007
Office: (212)-417-4730
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exchange FAQ

Will there be opportunities for consumers to be engaged in the end+disparities Learning Exchange?

Yes, the Partners in+care component is adapted from our previous in+care Campaign for the purposes of this new exchange on ending HIV-related disparities. Consumers at participating RWHAP recipient and subrecipient organizations will be invited to join a Facebook group, sign up for an e-mail listserv, and also participate in consumer-focused webinars.

Who can participate?

Any Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program-funded recipient or subrecipient can participate in this learning exchange, regardless of program type, setting, or geographic location.

Is participation in the end+disparities Learning Exchange voluntary?

Yes, participation is voluntary. Those who sign up are asked to participate in specific opportunities and engage with the end+disparities community.

How will participation in the Learning Exchange benefit me?

In addition to improving the lives of your patients, participation in the end+disparities Learning Exchange will put your organization in line with the recently updated National HIV/AIDS Strategy, which has strongly emphasized disparity reduction as a focus of improvement for HIV care nationally.

How does the end+disparities Learning Exchange align with the National HIV/AIDS Strategy?

In 2015, the White House Office of National AIDS Policy updated the National HIV/AIDS Strategy (NHAS) with revised goals to be addressed by 2020. One of these goals is to “reduce HIV-related disparities in communities at high risk for HIV infection.” This exchange aims to engage HIV providers across the United States to work towards meeting this goal.

Who sponsors the end+disparities Learning Exchange?

This exchange is sponsored by Health Resources and Services Administration HIV/AIDS Bureau (HAB). HAB and National Quality Center (NQC) have teamed up to conduct the exchange.

What are the opportunities for participation in the Learning Exchange?

The opportunities for participation in the Learning Exchange are:

  • Participating organizations enroll for a 9 month commitment
  • Usage of Disparity Calculator to choose one subpopulation of focus out of four total that has been identified as having particularly disparate HIV-related health outcomes
  • Submission of improvement interventions that address HIV-related disparities
  • Participation in monthly webinars on content expertise and promotion of peer sharing and learning
  • Participation in supportive coaching with NQC consultants and quality improvement experts, where necessary
  • Participation in face-to-face regional/local meetings of The Learning Exchange, where possible

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