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The Health Resources and Services Administration HIV/AIDS Bureau and the National Quality Center (NQC) have teamed up on a new national initiative that aims to reduce disparities among people living with HIV. Four vulnerable populations are the focus of this exchange—MSM of color, Black and Latina women, transgender people, and youth (ages 13-24).

The end+disparities Learning Exchange is a 9-month initiative that promotes the application of quality improvement interventions with the ultimate goal of increasing viral suppression rates for disproportionately affected HIV subpopulations. NQC provides a series of content-rich webinars and real-world tools to assist you in your local improvement efforts.

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Our end+disparities video raises awareness about HIV care disparities and how we can work together to eliminate them. Share the video with your colleagues and join other HIV providers across the country for our upcoming webinar series.

The end+disparities Learning Exchange welcomes all Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program (RWHAP)-funded recipients across the nation. Recipients and their subrecipients are invited by the National Quality Center and the Health Resources and Services Administration HIV/AIDS Bureau to participate in the exchange. As the Learning Exchange launches, this map will be populated with participant locations.


Share your interventions as well as challenges and lessons learned on an online platform called NQC Sharelab. This platform will allow you to share your own successes with peers and also be inspired by work being done by others in the field.

Partners in+care is an outlet for people living with HIV to engage in a national dialogue on mitigating HIV disparities alongside Learning Exchange participants.

The newsletter provides an opportunity to stay connected and informed about the end+disparities Learning Exchange activities. The newsletter features reminders about upcoming webinars, disparity resources, real-world tools, lessons learned and intervention reviews from the field, and more.

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frequently asked questions

Who sponsors the end+disparities Learning Exchange?

This exchange is sponsored by Health Resources and Services Administration HIV/AIDS Bureau (HAB). HAB and The National Quality Center (NQC) have teamed up to conduct the exchange.

how does the end+disparities learning exchange align with the national HIV/AIDS strategy?

In 2015, the White House Office of National AIDS Policy updated the National HIV/AIDS Strategy (NHAS) with revised goals to be addressed by 2020. One of these goals is to “reduce HIV-related disparities in communities at high risk for HIV infection.” This exchange aims to engage HIV providers across the United States to work towards meeting this goal.

Who can participate?

Any Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program-funded recipient or subrecipient can participate in this learning exchange, regardless of program type, setting, or geographic location.

Will there be opportunities for consumers to be engaged in the end+disparities Learning Exchange?

Yes, the Partners in+care component is adapted from our previous in+care Campaign for the purposes of this new exchange on ending HIV-related disparities. Consumers at participating RWHAP recipient and subrecipient organizations will be invited to join a Facebook group, sign up for an e-mail listserv, and also participate in consumer-focused webinars.